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Astoria Personal Injury Lawyer

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Why Call Astoria Personal Injury Attorney Chad Stavley?

Personal injury lawyer Chad Stavley.

There are many reasons to contact an experienced Astoria personal injury lawyer after you have been injured.  First, you should understand your options and the available benefits you may have to help pay for medical bills and lost wages. The insurance company on the other side of this case from you has all the knowledge they need, you should be on an even footing.

Second, a good personal injury lawyer can explain the deadlines you have for filing a case.  In personal injury law, these are called statutes of limitations.  In an Oregon personal injury case, the statute of limitations is generally two years.  In an Oregon wrongful death case, it is generally three years.  But there are sometimes other deadlines such as the Oregon Tort Claim Act notice requirement which you don't want to miss.  Contacting a personal injury lawyer can prevent you from making a serious mistake that will sink your case.

Next, a good personal injury lawyer with trial experience will know how to value personal injury claims.  More importantly, a good personal injury attorney will know how to add value to your claim in ways you likely would not have known.

Cases We Take in Astoria and Clatsop County

Clatsop County Courthouse

Personal Injury Law Is All We Do

When you are looking for an Astoria personal injury lawyer, the first thing you should look for is someone shop is a specialist.  You wouldn't let your primary care doctor do your open heart surgery.  You should look for a lawyer who specializes in personal injury claims.  At The Law Office of Chad Stavley, we only accept personal injury cases.  We handled injury claims involving motor vehicle accidents, dog bites and attacks, medical malpractice and jail medical malpractice, workplace injury claims, general negligence, and other personal injury claims.

Traffic accident related cases including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian versus car accidents

Many Astoria personal injury cases involve some kind of traffic accident or crash.  You may have been injured in a simple car crash where the fault is not disputed but the amount of compensation you are owed is contested.  Or maybe the fault is also disputed,  Whether your case involves a car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, or if you were a pedestrian, our law firm has significant experience with all types of traffic accident cases.  

Dog bites and attacks

Dog bites or other animal attacks can result in serious injuries and hefty medical bills.  Many personal injury lawyers have no experience handling these cases because they aren't as common as other types of cases.  Chad Stavley is familiar with the unique legal issues in an Astoria dog bite case.  He has the largest dog bite verdict in Oregon.  If you were the victim of a dog bite and suffered significant injuries, call a personal injury attorney who has experience with these claims.  

Medical malpractice and jail medical malpractice cases

Medical malpractice or medical negligence is when a person was hurt because their doctor's care fell below the accepted standard of care for the community.  These cases are very expensive to bring and difficult to win.  You want to make sure you consult with an experienced Astoria medical malpractice lawyer.

Workplace injury cases

Many workplace injury claims are barred by the exclusive remedy of the Oregon worker's compensation statute.  But not all claims and not all injured workers are stuck in the work comp system.  If you suffered serious injuries in an on-the-job incident, you owe it to yourself to consult a personal injury lawyer.

Wrongful death cases

Wrongful death claims have specific requirements that must be met.  Getting a good personal injury attorney with experience handling death cases is a must. Chad Stavley has recovered millions in death cases throughout Oregon.    

General negligence and personal injury claims

There are many hard-to-categorize ways that a person can be hurt by the negligence of another person or company.  Make sure you at least contact an Oregon personal injury lawyer to see if you may be entitled to compensation.

Our Reputation for Putting Clients First

When you are looking for a good personal injury lawyer, one thing you may want to do is look at the reputation of the lawyer with their past clients. At The Law Office of Chad Stavley, we have earned a reputation for putting our clients first.  If after reading our reviews, you want more information, call Chad Stavley and ask about cases similar to yours.  

We Focus on Getting Results in Personal Injury Cases

Chad Stavley has been representing accident victims for fifteen years.  His passionate advocacy has produced exceptional results for victims.  Insurance companies track how willing different attorneys are to go to bat for their clients.  One of the most common mistakes that injury victims make is hiring a lawyer who doesn't have trial experience and results that force the insurance company to take them seriously.  Hire an attorney with proven results so that you can get the full compensation you deserve.

We Don't Get Paid Unless We Win

We operate on a completely contingent fee agreement.  That means we only get paid when you recover money.  Unlike many attorneys, we base our percentage on the amount remaining after all medical liens and outstanding medical bills are paid.  We also advance all the costs necessary to prove your case.  This includes the cost of obtaining medical records and bills, court filing fees, expert fees, and other costs that you may be asked to pay by another law firm.  

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Our law firm offers free, confidential, no-pressure consultations.  We want to make sure victims and their families have all the information they need to make what can be an important life decision.  Call today for a free consultation.  

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