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There is currently a terrible problem that is playing out in county jails throughout Oregon and the entire country.  People are suffering from preventable medical related injuries and even dying because they have been denied adequate medical care while in jail.  Many people are in county jails awaiting a trial on cases where they are presumed innocent.  Others are serving a short sanction for a misdemeanor charge.  They have a constitutionally guaranteed right to adequate medical care.  However, counties throughout Oregon and the entire country are cutting costs by providing inadequate or non-existent medical care.  Many have contracted their medical program out to national companies such as Wellpath, NaphCare and Corizon. These multi-million-dollar companies are reaping profits by using a business model where there is no doctor available and rather than pay nurses, they use unlicensed "med techs" without adequate training.

We want to make a difference

These national jail healthcare companies have a business model that only works if nobody cares what happens to people in county jails.  We care and want to make a difference.  We’ve handled cases where inmates have had their long-standing necessary medication changed for no reason.  We’ve also handled cases where people experiencing drug and alcohol overdoses, or withdrawals are denied lifesaving medical care.  We’ve handled cases where people with mental illness were denied treatment and placed in solitary confinement.  Some of our cases have been featured in national news articles.  

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If you need help finding out what happened to a loved one who passed away in a county jail.  Contact us for a free consultation.  If you were incarcerated and either denied medical care or given poor medical care, call us for a free consultation.  

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What types of jail medical cases do you handle?

There are many types of jail medical cases we would consider accepting. We usually see the same types of cases happening again and again in Oregon jails. These include easily preventable deaths from drug and alcohol overdose or withdrawal. Jails have an obligation to make sure that people are fit for confinement before being allowed into the jail. People often have drug and alcohol issues that make them very vulnerable. Unfortunately, we see many poorly trained, understaffed jail medical providers not taking basic precautions that could save lives. Other cases include jail medical staff failing to provide timely medical treatment for serious medical or mental health conditions.

My loved one died while in a county jail and we do not know what happened. How can we find out what really happened?

This is a common complaint. Unfortunately, you need to consult with a lawyer familiar with how to get all the information so that you know what really happened. We gather autopsy reports, medical records (or the lack of records) from the jail, jail deputy reports, cell check logs, videos and other important pieces of evidence to piece together what really happened. If it appears that the in-custody death was preventable, we bring lawsuits and get additional information by taking depositions and requesting policies, training records and additional helpful documents. You should know what really happened to your loved one and not settle for the initial story you get from the jail.

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