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Highly Rated Oregon Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Pedestrians who are hit by cars or trucks are often severely injured or killed. Claims against e driver are often complicated and the driver’s insurance company often will aggressively defend the driver by blaming the pedestrian. It is really important to have a lawyer who has experience handling pedestrian injury cases. Chad Stavley has handled numerous pedestrian injury cases. He has successfully handled cases against all the major insurance companies.  Let Chad build your case while you focus on getting better.

Common causes of Oregon pedestrian accidents

Failing to yield to the crosswalk

What often happens is the driver of a car is planning to make a right turn.  They are either at a stop sign or red light.  The driver is looking to their left to see when traffic is clear so that they can make their right turn.  When traffic clears they do not look to their right to make sure there is nobody in the crosswalk. this can be a pedestrian crossing the street they are planning to enter or the crossing in front of the car from the car's right.

Pulling out of a driveway without looking both ways

Similar to the situation above, in this scenario, the pedestrian is walking down a sidewalk and crossing a driveway.  The driver is looking one direction for traffic and does not see the pedestrian coming from the other direction.

Unmarked crosswalks

In Oregon intersections that do not have actual marked crosswalks are considered "unmarked crosswalks" by statute.  What we often see is people crossing at an intersection from one side of the road to the other and the driver who is approaching not paying attention because they see no marked crosswalk.

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Questions About Pedestrian Injury Cases

Can I get medical bills paid while we are working on my pedestrian injury case?

If you have car insurance, your PIP on that car insurance will cover you when you are a pedestrian in Oregon.

If I have car insurance will my PIP cover me when I am a pedestrian?

In Oregon, yes.

Can I get any PIP coverage through the other driver’s insurance?

In Oregon the sequence is that you use your own PIP first then you go to your health insurance and lastly the other driver’s PIP. If your health insurance does not cover something the at-fault driver’s PIP will.  In Washington the sequence is reversed; first you exhaust the other driver’s PIP, then you go to health insurance before finally accessing your own PIP.

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