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Chad Stavley Resolves Beaverton Pedestrian Injury Case Before Trial for $1.19 Million

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January 1, 2017

Case Summary

A Beaverton, Oregon woman accepted a $1.19 Million settlement for injuries caused when she was struck in a crosswalk.  The woman had a walk signal and began crossing the street in front of a car stopped at a red light. The at-fault driver was looking to his left for approaching vehicles with the intent to take a right turn. He drove forward without looking and knocked the woman to the ground. The woman broke both her wrists. She required surgery to repair the wrist fractures and then follow up surgery to take out the hardware doctors used in the first surgery. At the time of the collision, the woman had a newborn baby. She struggled to care for the child during her recovery.

The woman hired Chad Stavley to represent her. Chad immediately began working with the woman to make sure she had everything she needed while recovering from her injuries.  He evaluated the case and filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. State Farm was the at-fault driver's insurance company. They initially did not think the case had significant value.

The challenge was being able to prove the significance of the pedestrian's physical and emotional injuries when, after recovering from surgery, she looked healthy.  Chad worked with the woman's doctors, physical therapist, counselor and other experts to prove the injuries were permanent and that she should be compensated accordingly.

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