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Portland Oregon Amputation Lawyer

If you lost a limb due to someone else's negligence, you should call Chad Stavley for a free consultation. Chad has worked with amputees and knows how to handle these unique and challenging cases.

A Lawyer With Experience Handling Amputation Injury Cases

Amputation injuries are among the most devastating that a person can suffer. Preparing an amputation case can be difficult for a lawyer without the proper experience. The stakes in these cases are very high; the cost of past and future medical expenses alone can be huge.

We have handled multiple amputation cases in both Oregon and Washington. Building these cases has required us to become familiar with the challenges faced by amputees.

We work with prosthetic experts and lifecare planners to make sure the costs of your medical treatment are clear. We apply the same dedication to each area of your damages after an amputation injury. Understanding the full extent of your lost wages requires medical experts and economists. Presenting your pain and suffering requires understanding the challenges presented in everyday activities.

If you want to understand your options, call Portland personal injury attorney Chad Stavley for a free consultation. 503-546-8812.

Amputation Injuries Can Have Many Causes

An amputation can have many different causes including trauma and negligent medical care.

Chad Stavley has handled amputation cases including:

  • A lower leg amputation due to a motorcycle versus car crash that occurred in central Oregon;
  • A lower leg amputation from a misdiagnosed blood clot at a Washington hospital;
  • A traumatic finger amputation injury from an on-the-job injury at a Portland worksite.

Regardless of their cause, or the affected body part, amputations often require a lifetime of medical care.

The victim will need to learn to live with a significant disability. Financial compensation is crucial because prosthetics and other necessary equipment are very expensive.

Motorcycle Crashes

harley, motorcycle, harley davidson

Motorcycle crashes are a frequent source of amputation cases. Motorcyclists are very vulnerable in a crash. Victims can suffer from the traumatic loss of a limb or infections that can cause them to lose a limb.

Bicycle Crashes

gears, bicycle, chain

Much like a person on a motorcycle, a bicyclist is vulnerable in a motor vehicle crash. An amputation injury can be especially traumatic to a person who is active and healthy. After an amputation, many people become sedentary and then gain weight. Weight gain causes ongoing problems with fitting prosthetics.

Your attorney should know about advances in prosthetic technology that can help amputees lead a fuller life.

Medical Negligence

surgery, hospital, doctor

Severe injuries can result when medical professionals fail to timely diagnose blood clots. When a limb is without blood supply for long enough, it can require amputation.

A personal injury attorney handling amputations must understand the medicine. It is not as simple as many think. The lawyer should be able to speak intelligently with medical experts. A good lawyer can make complicated medicine understandable for jurors.

Car Crashes

car accident, totalled, car

There are a lot of lawyers who handle car crash cases. But, most have no experience handling amputation cases. Make sure you consult with a lawyer who has experience handling amputation cases.

Workplace Injuries

Heavy machinery at worksites can cause crushing injuries requiring amputations. Many workplace injuries are limited due to workers' compensation laws. But, that is not always the case. Some claims can fall outside the "work comp" system and result in significant recoveries. Contact an experienced personal injury lawyer to see if your case is eligible.

Loss of a Limb is a Devastating Lifelong Injury Requiring Significant Compensation

It is important that any victim of a serious injury understands the long-term consequences of their injury. An amputee may need additional surgeries on their residual limb because of issues that cause a poor prosthetic fit. They may have a lifetime of physical therapy and counseling. Those costs should be included in any legal resolution.

Proving Pain and Suffering

A good lawyer must be able to prove the human damages you have sustained to get the compensation you deserve. The impact an amputation has on your life should be the biggest part of your case. People sometimes call this pain and suffering.

Lawyers handling amputation cases need to work with medical and other experts to learn what a lifetime with an amputation will look like. They should know the unique medical and living challenges faced by aging amputees.

Working With National Limb Loss Experts

I enjoy working on amputation cases because I get to work with amazing experts who have dedicated their lives to helping amputees.

We work with experts in Oregon and nationally who have spent their careers working with these types of injuries. They use their education and experience to explain your need for significant compensation.

Calculating The High Cost of Future Medical Care

We work with medical experts to prepare a plan for your future medical needs. The law doesn't require you to accept the bare minimum for your future medical needs. There are activity-specific prosthetics on the market for activities like swimming and golf. Our experts consider the cost of advanced and specialty prosthetics. You didn't ask for this injury; your attorney shouldn't ask for a minimal care plan.

A Personal Injury Attorney Dedicated to Your Fullest Possible Recovery

Chad Stavley is dedicated to making sure amputees get the compensation they deserve. If you have suffered an amputation, let Chad explain the legal process and your options.

Free Consultation

At The Law Office of Chad Stavley, we offer free initial consultations. We are based in Portland, Oregon but handle cases throughout Oregon and Washington. We will pursue amputation cases anywhere in the country. Contact us at 503-546-8812.

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