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2017 - Fourth Quarter

January 1, 2018

Trial Numbers

MVA - Plaintiffs won 4/5.

Premises Liability - Plaintiffs won 0/3.

Bicycle injury - Plaintiffs won 0/3.

Dog Bite - Plaintiffs won 0/1.

Notable Trials

Overgaard v. Christine Millner Oriental Rugs, Inc., Multnomah County Case No. 16CV33803

Plaintiff Overgaard alleged that she was shopping in Defendant's store when a stack of rugs toppled in her direction causing her to fall backwards and land on her tailbone. She left the store thinking she was OK. She sought medical care several days later and ultimately claims that she suffered injuries to her tailbone and neck which have led to her chronic pain and associated anxiety and depression. She brought this case against defendant and sought $3 Million in non-economic damages.

Defendant claimed that Overgaard was responsible for her own injury because she fell due to not paying attention to where she was walking and tripping over her own feet.

Defense Verdict

Doyle v. LaRowe, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV25772

Plaintiff Doyle was riding his bicycle with a friend on the paved Springwater trail when defendant LaRowe attempted to pass on the left. Doyle alleged that LaRowe attempted to pass without warning and where there was insufficient room to do so. He said LaRowe collided with his handlebar causing him to crash and suffer significant injuries including a fractured pelvis, fractured clavicle, multiple rib fractures, and a concussion. Plaintiff sought $23,252.04for past medical expenses, $3,500.00 for property damage, and $300,000.00 for non-economic damages.  

Defendant LaRowe claimed that he rang a bell on his bicycle indicating that he was overtaking Plaintiff and that Plaintiff moved to the right indicating he had heard the warning. Then as La Rowe was passing Plaintiff moved suddenly back to the left side of the trail colliding with Defendant LaRowe’s bicycle and causing the crash.  

Defense Verdict.

Halseth v. Lieurance, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV36264

Defendant Lieurance took in a lost pit bull that was out on the street while at the same time trying to find the dog’s owner.  Lieurance claimed the dog was always friendly around his family in the short time they possessed the dog.  Plaintiff Halseth came to Lieurance’s house as a guest and was attacked by the dog. The attack caused  significant facial wounds that also affected his vision. He claimed that Lieurance was negligent for failing to restrain the dog and failing to warn him about the dog. He sought $52,108 for past medical expenses, $50,400 for future medical expenses, and $675,000 for non-economic damages.  

Defendant Lieurance claimed that that the dog had not showed any aggression prior to the attack and that Plaintiff provoked the dog.

Defense Verdict  

Pedraza v. Moen, Multnomah County Case No. 16CV28423

Plaintiff was driving westbound on I-84 in the right lane when Defendant Moen suddenly changed from the left westbound lane into the right lane causing a crash between the cars. Plaintiff alleged that the crash caused injury to Plaintiff including T7-8 disc protrusion, lumbar annular tears and bilateral carpal tunnel. Plaintiff sought $21,711 for past medical expenses, $245,000 for future medical expenses, and $500,000 for non-economic damages.

Defendant admitted negligence but disputed that his negligence caused Plaintiffs injuries and he also contested the alleged damages.

Total Verdict - $50,000.00

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