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Chad Stavley Gets $375,000 Settlement in Beaverton Motorcycle Crash Case

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June 3, 2010

Case Summary

Chad Stavley resolved a motorcycle crash case for a California man for $375,000. The man was riding his motorcycle on Highway 217 in Beaverton, Oregon when a driver in the adjacent lane switched lanes hitting the motorcyclist and causing him to crash. The motorcyclist suffered a dislocated shoulder, dislocated thumb, humerus fracture, labrum tear, and road rash.

The defendant initially claimed that she changed lanes because a gravel truck merged into her lane causing her to take emergency action. She also claimed that the motorcyclist was speeding and had he not been speeding he could have avoided impact. Chad was able to locate a witness to the crash who indicated that the motorcyclist was not speeding and that there was no gravel truck that caused the defendant to change lanes.

The case was resolved for $375,000 before trial.

Crash Location

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