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Chad Stavley Gets $200,000 Settlement for Washington County Bicycle Crash

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January 1, 2013

Case Summary

Chad Stavley settled a case for a Washington County cyclist injured when he was hit by a truck driver while riding his bicycle. The truck driver exited a parking lot without yielding. As a result, the cyclist suffered a broken arm and a nerve injury to his leg that caused him to have drop foot for several months.  

The truck driver initially denied any fault for the crash.  He said he never saw the cyclist and that the cyclist must have been going very fast and not paying attention.  The cyclist first retained another local personal injury lawyer that advertises handling bicycle cases.  After reviewing the case, that lawyer fired the cyclist as a client, claiming that they would most likely lose and that even if they won, a Washington County jury wouldn’t give much money for the case.  

The cyclist then hired Chad Stavley to take over the case.  Chad filed a lawsuit, prepared to defeat the liability defenses, and present a compelling medical case.  During litigation, the defense began to see the case differently and eventually offered $200,000. 

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