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Chad Stavley Negotiates $250,000 Settlement on Portland Dog Bite Case

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January 1, 2019

Case Summary

Chad Stavley negotiated a $250,000 settlement for a woman who was on the job in a dog owner’s yard when she was attacked and bitten in the leg by the dog

The dog was very aggressive and had previously bitten another person in the neighborhood. Because of the last bite, animal control required the dog’s owner to keep the dog muzzled. Unfortunately, she had not muzzled the dog or taken any other precautions before having workers come to her yard.  

Fortunately for the bite victim, her wound was not severe and healed up nicely. As a result, her medical expenses only totaled $1,700.     

Nonetheless, the dog was a menace, and the owner was even less friendly.  She tried to blame the victim even though she knew her dog tended to bite, knew her dog was supposed to be muzzled and was not, and knew the woman was coming to her house to do a job.  

Chad filed the lawsuit and prepared to try the case despite the injury not being significant.  The case was also about protecting the community from this dog and this dog owner.  Before trial, the insurance company made an offer of $250,000.  

The challenge in a case like this is believing in yourself and what you think you can accomplish, even when everyone tells you that you are wrong and that your case has no value. 

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