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Chad Stavley Gets $384,213.89 Jury Verdict in Portland Bicycle Accident Case

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January 1, 2013

Case Summary

A Multnomah County jury awarded $384,213.89 for a cyclist hit by a car on NE Burnside.  The cyclist and a friend were riding home from dinner when a car turned left across their lane hitting the cyclist causing him to strike the windshield before being thrown to the ground.  The young man suffered a significant laceration to his back that had to be closed at the emergency room.  His injuries resolved but the scars on his back are permanent.  The driver's insurance company, The Hartford, did not accept responsibility for the crash or make any offers.  The cyclist began looking for a personal injury to handle his case.  He was rejected by other law firms before contacting The Law Office of Chad Stavley.

Chad understood the many challenges the case presented.  The defense would deny liability and blame the cyclist.  They would also try to minimize the significance of a permanent scar.  That is exactly what they did. They blamed the cyclist for the crash, arguing that he was speeding, not paying attention, and wearing dark clothing.  They made light of his injuries too.  After all, it was a scar that would normally be concealed by a shirt.

Chad took the driver's deposition, and her liability defense was badly damaged. The Hartford began to make offers to resolve the case. They offered $90,000 at a mediation and then increased the offer to $150,000 shortly before trial. Chad believed that the cyclists’ injuries were still undervalued and recommended trial.  The cyclist agreed.

Chad tried the case in Multnomah County Circuit Court. The driver aggressively defended the case, but the jury ultimately returned a $384,213.89 verdict for the cyclist - more than twice the last/best offer and more than four times the mediation offer.

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