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Chad Stavley Negotiates Resolution of Eugene Cab Crash Case - $785,000

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January 1, 2016

Case Summary

In June of 2015, several college students were on their way home from a night out when a cab driver ran a red light and struck their car.  The crash injured five of the students, including a back seat passenger who suffered a broken jaw, several facial fractures, dental and pelvic injuries.  The cab driver was the sole owner and operator of a small cab company.  Atlas Financial Holdings insured the cab company.  Atlas Financial initially denied liability for the crash.

The students all hired lawyers; the backseat passenger with the broken jaw hired Chad Stavley. Chad took the lead in advancing the cases against the cab company.  Eventually, the cab company tendered the limits of their insurance $1.5 Million insurance policy to the five injured students.  Then, Chad worked hard to make sure the division of the money was fair to his client, who he believed was the most injured.  

In the end, Mr. Stavley's client was determined to be the most deserving and alone received $785,000.  The other students divided the remaining funds.

Location of Cab Crash

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