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Chad Stavley Negotiates $950,000 Portland Workplace Injury Settlement

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January 1, 2018

Case Summary

The Law Office of Chad Stavley negotiated a settlement for a Portland man who was injured at work when he touched a live high-voltage electrical line.  The man suffered burn injuries to his arm and lost a finger. The case was complex because the man worked for the electrical subcontractor on the job site.  Oregon’s workers’ compensation laws typically prevent a person from suing their employer.  So we had to look to the general contractor and the safety subcontractor, both of whom maintained some control over the dangerous work performed.  The injured man was stuck with only receiving workers’ compensation benefits before calling The Law Office of Chad Stavley. 

After being retained, Chad Stavley set out to understand what happened and how to get full compensation for the injured worker.  He filed a lawsuit, defeated legal motions filed by the defense, took numerous depositions of site workers, and worked with doctors and experts to prepare the case for trial.  The defendants asked to mediate the case, and at the mediation, the parties agreed on a $950,000 settlement.  

The challenge, in this case, was working with an injured worker who had no memory of the event when other employees made statements indicating that the injured worker was responsible for his own injury.

Injury Location

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