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Personal Injury Trials In Multnomah County - 2022 - Second Quarter

September 1, 2022

Trial Numbers

Motor Vehicle Accident - Plaintiffs won 6/9.

Premises Liability - Plaintiffs won 0/3.

Product Liability- Plaintiffs won 2/2.

Medical Malpractice - Plaintiffs won 0/1.

Bicycle Injury - Plaintiffs won 1/1.

Pedestrian Injury - Plaintiffs won 1/1.

Notable Cases

Ibarra and Estate of Ibarra v. Ameron International Corporation, Multnomah County Case No. 20CV25344

Plaintiff Ibarra brought this action in strict products liability as an individual and as the personal representative for her husband's estate. Mr. Ibarra died from mesothelioma which Plaintiff alleged resulted from exposure to asbestos at Defendant Ameron's factory. She sought $30,000,000.00 in damages.

Defendant's denied that Ibarra was exposed to asbestos from their product, denied that he died due to exposure to their product, and denied that their product was unreasonably dangerous.

Total Verdict - $30,000,000.00.  

Thorpe v. R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Inc., Multnomah County Case No. 18CV36607

Plaintiff Thorpe brought this action in strict products liability and negligence on behalf of the Estate of Richard Thorpe who died of lung cancer after being a long-time smoker of Defendant's products.

Defendant denied that their cigarettes were defective or unreasonably dangerous, and argued that Mr. Thorpe was aware of the risks of excessive smoking, and continued to smoke anyway. They further argued that the the claims were barred by applicable statutes of limitations and that Thorpe's cancer was not the result of smoking Defendant's product.

Total Verdict - $800,000.00 after 50% reduction for comparative negligence.

Johnson v. Tenney, Multnomah County Case No. 20CV32873

Plaintiff, a thirteen year-old child, was a pedestrian walking across a Portland street when she was struck by a vehicle driven by Defendant Tenney. This lawsuit was brought by her guardian ad litem. She claimed that she was in the crosswalk, and that Defendant Tenney speeding, failing to keep a proper lookout, failed to yield to the crosswalk and failed to brake or take evasive action to keep from hitting her. She alleged that she suffered permanent injuries including a traumatic brain injury, fractured pelvis and sacrum, and injury to the soft tissues of her neck, back, arms, and legs. She sought economic damages for past and future medical expenses totaling $150,000 as well as non-economic damages totaling $500,000.

Defendant Tenney claimed that it was dark outside, that Plaintiff was wearing dark clothing and listening to music on earphones, and had entered the road from behind a Tri-Met bus. He claimed that Plaintiff was negligent in the manner in which she used the crosswalk in that she stepped out from a place of safety directly into the path of his vehicle, that she failed to keep a proper lookout or exercise due care as a pedestrian.

Total Verdict - $367,274.18 after a 30% reduction for comparative negligence.

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