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Motorcycle accident cases often end in serious injuries or death.  Motorcycles do not have a protective frame as a car does.  So when there is a crash, the motorcyclist is in a very vulnerable position.  Even with the best protective gear, motorcycle accident victims often suffer spine and brain injuries as well as broken bones and internal injuries.  When the injured motorcyclist attempts to get justice, they often find that the justice system treats them differently than had they been driving a car.  Insurance companies take the attitude that the motorcyclist has some blame for being on a motorcycle in the first place.  You need an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney to help you fight the insurance company and recover financially. Call motorcycle accident attorney Chad Stavley for a free and confidential consultation.

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Just how vulnerable is a motorcyclist on the roadway?

In 2017 there were 927 reported motorcycle crashes in Oregon.  In those reported crashes there were 917 injuries.  That is a whopping 98.9% injury rate.  In those 927 reported crashes, there were 56 fatalities.  That means that 6% of all motorcycle crashes ended in a fatality.  If you compare these statistics to car accidents, you get a clear picture of the danger.  In non-motorcycle crashes statewide the fatality rate is less than 1%.  The map below shows a geographic breakdown of Oregon motorcycle crashes, injuries, and fatalities by county.

Don't be a victim twice – beware of the insurance adjuster

Insurance companies and their adjusters know that motorcycle cases often end in serious injuries. They know that right after your crash, you will likely feel overwhelmed and uncertain about what you should do. That is when they want to discuss settlement.  If possible, they want to settle your case before you are even aware of the extent of your injuries, your financial losses, and the value of your case.  The insurance adjuster may even be very friendly on the phone and seem concerned about your well being.  They are doing a job.  They are trying to minimize the amount of money they will have to pay due to their insured driver’s negligence.  You should consult with an experienced Portland motorcycle accident attorney before you talk with the insurance company.  Don’t go into this conversation without understanding your rights.

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Questions About Motorcycle Accidents

What is the statute of limitations on an Oregon motorcycle crash case?

The statute of limitations on all personal injury cases in Oregon, including motorcycle accidents, is two years from the date of the crash.  But there are some exceptions and other requirements that you should be aware of.  It is a very good idea to contact an experienced Oregon personal injury lawyer so that you don’t miss any important deadlines. 

Does PIP apply to motorcycles in Oregon?

Personal injury protection (PIP) is not required on Oregon motorcycle policies the way it is on motor vehicle policies.  It is important to check your policy to see if you have PIP. 

How do you get paid?

We get paid on a contingent fee. That means you never have to pay us directly for anything. We get paid when we win. If we don’t win you don’t pay anything. We also advance all case costs.

How long will it take to resolve my motorcycle accident case?

That depends on the circumstances of your case including your injuries, recovery time, what county the crash happened in and who the other driver’s insurance company is.  Call and I’d be happy to discuss your particular case.

The insurance adjuster wants to take my recorded statement; should I do this?

No.  Consult with an experienced personal injury lawyer before agreeing to anything like this.

What types of motorcycle injury cases have you handled?

I’ve handled and continue to handle many different motorcycle injury cases. Sometimes fault is being disputed and sometimes we are just fighting about injuries and what is the right amount of money to resolve a case. I’ve handled motorcycle death cases, motorcycle crashes that resulted in amputations and other significant injuries. Call me and we can discuss how we will prepare to get the best possible outcome for your case.

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