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Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples

Oregon Personal Injury Settlement Amounts Examples & Verdicts

Below is a partial list of our personal injury verdicts and settlement amounts and examples. If you are researching to determine the average settlement for personal injury claims, you should know that the facts of each case and the skill of the lawyer make a huge difference in the outcome. Read our results below to see how clients have benefited from Chad's expertise following successful injury claims. From simple auto accidents to complex medical malpractice, Chad has the experience and resources necessary to get verdicts and settlements for deserving clients. After you review our results, call Law Office of Chad Stavley for a free consultation.


Recovery in Motorcycle Crash Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland woman who suffered a broken lower leg that required surgery after a motorcycle crash where the at-fault driver turned directly in front of her.


Settlement For Couple Injured in Trucking Case

Mr. Stavley represented a husband and wife that were injured when hit by an 18-wheeler. The husband suffered a hernia and the wife suffered a rotator cuff tear. Both required surgery.


Multnomah County Jury Verdict – Dog Attack Case

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland woman who was charged by a neighbor’s pit bull causing her to fall over a retaining wall. The woman suffered a slight fracture to her femoral condyle, ruptured her ACL and tore her meniscus. The dog owner’s insurance company, Allstate, initially blamed the woman for her own injuries. A week before trial they offered $185,000 then days before trial increased the offer to $225,000. The jury returned a verdict totaling $404,044.75.


$400,000 Policy Limit Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented the driver and passenger of a car that was struck head-on by a distracted driver. The clients both suffered orthopedic injuries which required surgeries and brief hospitalizations. Mr. Stavley recovered the $100,000 policy limits per each for each victim from the at-fault driver and an additional $100,000 for each victim from the UIM carrier. All health insurance liens were waived due to Oregon Senate Bill 421.


$400,000 Settlement Against Portland Police Bureau Driver

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man who was being taken to jail on a misdemeanor when the transporting officer ran off the road and hit a telephone pole. Our client suffered an abdominal injury from the seatbelt which required surgery and the removal of a foot of his colon. He also suffered a concussion. The client made a great recovery and the consequences of the abdominal surgery are minor.


Multnomah County Jury Verdict

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland cyclist who was hit by a car that turned directly in front of him. The cyclist was thrown into the driver’s windshield and suffered a large open wound to his back that required surgical repair and left him with an unsightly scar. The driver’s insurance company, The Hartford, blamed the cyclist for the crash. Chad Stavley took the case and filed a personal injury lawsuit. After Mr. Stavley became involved, the offers steadily rose from $40,000 to $90,000, and eventually to $150,000 just before trial. Ultimately, the verdict more than doubled the last offer.


UIM Back Surgery Case

Mr. Stavley represented a woman in a lawsuit against her own insurance company for underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage. Another personal injury lawyer handled the case against the at-fault driver and settled for the $100,000 policy limits. Then the woman's insurance company would not pay any additional money for UIM coverage. The woman left the prior lawyer and hired Chad. Chad worked up the case and shortly before trial the insurance company paid $380,000.


Motorcyclist Hit In Traffic

Mr. Stavley represented a Portland man hit by a car that merged into his lane on Highway 217. The impact caused the motorcyclist to crash, breaking his shoulder and thumb, both of which required surgery to fix.


Car Crash Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a man who was diagnosed with thoracic outlet syndrome after a moderate-impact car crash in an intersection. The injury required surgery which had some complications. The client initially hired a different personal injury attorney who recommended that he accept a small settlement amount due to his complicated medical history and medical treatment. He called Chad for a free case evaluation and ended up getting five times more money than he was previously offered.


Pedestrian Injury Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a Columbia County woman who was run over by an elderly driver in a snowy parking lot. The woman suffered multiple minor fractures that did not require surgery. The insurance company's first offer was minimal. Chad was able to gather evidence and get medical testimony that helped dramatically increase the settlement value.


Settlement Against Negligent Dog Owner

Mr. Stavley represented a Clackamas County woman who was hiking in a park when an off-leash dog ran into her, causing her to fall and dislocate her elbow. The owners of the dog denied liability and argued that the woman fell due to her own negligence. Prior to hiring Mr. Stavley, the woman attempted to negotiate a settlement using a different personal injury lawyer. The insurance company for the dog owner would not go above $80,000. She then hired Mr. Stavley. He filed a personal injury lawsuit against the dog's owners and began preparing for trial. A month before trial, the insurance company relented and Chad negotiated a personal injury settlement for $325,000.


Policy Limits Dog Bite Settlement

Mr. Stavley represented a woman who was bitten in the face by her neighbor's Pit Bull in rural eastern Oregon. The woman had another Portland lawyer before hiring Mr. Stavley. That lawyer fired the woman as a client after the dog owner's insurance company denied liability. Mr. Stavley filed a lawsuit against the dog owner and within three months the dog owner's insurance company offered their policy limits - $300,000

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